I've never really taken time to introduce this pretty face that's also behind the camera at weddings. So, this is Tara. She's a sister, a best friend, and one AMAZING photographer. Over the years, I have watched her talent grow so much. She gets shots that I would never ever think of. Seriously. She's good.
She started off being my go-to model slash guiney pig before this photography business was an actual thing. I think I have photos that I took of her when she was around age 3. No joke. So Tara has been there from the very beginning and I am SO thrilled that she's stuck by my side all this time and still wants to work with me!
Here are a few photos that we took yesterday afternoon for literally 7 minutes in our backyard. Whenever I need a creative boost we do a tiny flash-shoot, and here's a bit of what that looks like.
I absolutely positively haaate being on the other side of the camera. Like hate hate. It's a problem. But somehow, Tara is able to make me feel so comfortable and not the awkward turtle that I am whenever a camera is faced my way.
Enough chatting. Here she is. And her skills.
Thanks for being so wonderful, my sweet Tara.