Sharon | Florida Keys

Earlier this summer, we went down to the Florida Keys for lobster mini season- a week that we look forward to all year! We were staying with some of our dear friends that we don't get to see that often, so it was a special treat to spend some time with them. One afternoon, as the girls were chatting in the backyard, I got distracted by how pretty the light looked coming off the water. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camera and took a few photos of Sharon for fun. Sometimes these spur of the moment, spontaneous shoots are just what I need to keep the creativity alive. It also helps when your friends are supermodels too! :)

Mom + Dad

So this was a pretty special shoot for me. It's my mom & dad! They were on their way to my mom's high school reunion, and I told them to stop by for a mini shoot downtown. How stinking cute are they!!

Mom and dad, you are both incredible. Love you forever.

Photo Field Trip

I think I just woke from a dream. Last weekend was spent in Santa Barbra, California for Photo Field Trip.. and I think I left my heart there. We stayed at the amazing El Capitan Canyon and it really, really could not have been more beautiful. Days were spent learning from the most admired wedding & portrait photographers and taking walks to the beach photographing each other. It rained almost the entire time and we barely even noticed. Here's a tiiiiiny glimpse of some of my favorite parts.