portrait info & faq

I love to capture you and your loved ones interacting with one another. The goal is for you to feel relaxed and have fun -
almost forgetting you're in front of my camera. My style is a mixture of lifestyle and fine art photography, meaning
I do my best to capture the candid moments as well as a few of the more traditionally posed portraits.
Let's get together and create some beautiful images that are true to you and your family.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get ready for your shoot!

What should we wear to our session?
I recommend wearing outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Stay away from logos / words on t-shirts.
Neutrals are my favorite - they come in all different colors and help create beautiful skin tones in the images.
Families look best in coordinating colors, without matching. Don't be afraid to mix colors / patterns to let your personalities show.
Click here for some inspiration that may help!

Can I do an outfit change?
If you book a shoot that is longer than 30 minutes, I recommend having an outfit change!
Having a change of clothes adds variety to your session and is a great way to show different sides of your personality.
If you have more than one outfit, keep in mind that you may need to change in the car if there is not a bathroom nearby.

What time will our session be and how long will it last?
My favorite time of day to shoot is in the couple hours before sunset. The most beautiful, golden light happens during that time.
I offer a few different options for portraits ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on what you want!
Fill out the contact form if you'd like to know more about what those options include.

Where will we take our photos?
There are so many beautiful places for photos around Sarasota - I love the local parks, fields, and downtown areas.
Some of my favorite sessions even take place in your own home or backyard. If you have an idea in mind, let me know and I can
recommend a few places so we can find the perfect spot. You can check out the blog to see examples of places I have used recently.

Can we shoot in more than one location?
Yes, depending on proximity and the amount of time you book.

What props should I bring?
If you have something in mind that you'd like to incorporate in the shoot, feel free to bring it!
A few ideas would be a blanket to sit on, or your child's favorite toy or book to keep them busy and having fun!

How do you choose which photos to edit?
I'm constantly moving around and taking a ton of photos during the shoot - adjusting my camera for the light and exposure,
and capturing your expressions. Later, I handpick the best images from our session and individually edit those images.

When should I expect to get my photos?
Your portrait session will take around 3 weeks to edit and process.

What will we do if it rains?
Florida weather is very hard to predict- so unless you hear from me, our session is still on.
If it does happen to rain, we will have to reschedule your session to the next convenient date.