My love for photography started at a young age. When I first got my hands on my parents' film camera, makeshift studios were set up all over the house and my poor little sisters were forced to model for me. Fast forward to today and it's a similar situation, minus the makeshift studios.

I love figuring out little pieces of what makes a person unique, and trying to portray that in a photo. My favorite moments are the ones when I show someone their face on the back of my camera and they get to see a glimpse of the beauty that everyone else sees in them. When I hear an excited, "Oh! Wow!" ..that's my favorite.

I am obsessed with capturing moments as they happen. The real moments when people are totally themselves and almost forget that I might be a complete stranger. The full-of-joy smiles that only come out when people can let their guard down (even in front of the camera) and be comfortable with me. It's my goal to make you feel free to be the beautiful person that you are, and to use my camera to somehow capture what makes you, you.